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Yasmin (Gina) Djendel- Life Coach

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I'm Yasmin Djendel, I'm English and converted to Islam about 27 years ago. I have four amazing children and two grandchildren.

Growing up I was a very self-confident, ambitious, career minded young lady. When I was 24 I was the youngest female clothing factory owner in London producing garments for high street retailers.
After getting married I accepted the challenges of being a wife and mother. Slowly over the years my confidence and self-worth were eroded and taken over by stress, anxiety and confusion.
On the outside everything looked fine, but inside I was dealing with a very challenging relationship that was negatively affecting my health, spirituality, other relationships and what I believed about myself.

In 2015 I enrolled on a group self discovery program, it really helped me to acknowledge and overcome my self limiting beliefs and regain some of my confidence back, but I still had so much resentment, and I was still feeling very tense and unvalued.

In 2018 we were living abroad, I was home educating my two younger sons and teaching English so I signed up for a TEFL course. The course came with two mindfulness courses. I was very skeptical at first but started to implement the simple techniques.

Overtime and with practice these new skills began to have a profound impact on all areas of my life and I was able to shift the dynamics of my challenging relationship.
I was able to quiet my noisy mind, recognise negative thoughts and cultivate a different way of working with my mind and my situation, I actually felt calmer and so well grounded. I regained my confidence, self-worth and identity. I took responsibility for my own well-being and gave myself permission to do things that made me happy and more fulfilled.

Over the past two years I have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of women from all over the world sharing my tools and techniques. Supporting and guiding them to get out of their chattering mind so that they can really connect with their inner-self, their truth, their intuition and their deepest wisdom.

I help Muslim women HEAL & THRIVE from difficult/narcissistic relationships, (Parent, sibling or husband) regain their self-worth, confidence, composure and identity so that they can live a happier, more fulfilling, empowered life.

They are POWERFUL tools and techniques that can be easily practiced in your daily life, even if you are super busy!

Learn emotional mastery by cultivating a different way of working with your mind and situation,
enjoy improved mental and physical well-being
more meaningful relationships
a deeper, spiritual connection with your Creator
spend less time and energy in negative thinking
have increased energy and sleep better
respond in a wise way to things outside your control
bounce back faster from low moods and unpleasant situations.
Wisdom and insight will be your new superpowers!

Allowing you to focus your precious time and energy and what truly matters.

We will work together on building your confidence, inner-connection, resilience and compassion for self and others.

Suggested Price Package: $2665 I also work 1:1 with Muslim women for either 8 weeks or $3265 for 12 weeks
Suggested Price Package: $135 for a one of session typically lasting between 45-60 mins
Service Areas: I provide an 8 week or 12 week 1:1 coaching program and an 8 Week Group Coaching Program for up to 10 women.
Suggested Price Package: $515 for the 8 weekly group sessions + 1 x 1:1
Suggested Price Package: $730 for the 8 weekly sessions + 4 x 1:1 (every two weeks in between the group sessions).
Key Areas of Expertise: I help women regain their self-worth, self-confidence, composure and identity that has been lost in a challenging relationship.
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: The course helped me to take charge of my negative thoughts. Peaceful progress delivered by Yasmin gave me a sense of calm and empowered me to take control of my emotions, thoughts and feelings. It also helped me to deal with the pains of Crohn’s disease. Mindfulness helps me to be in the moment, moment to taste, touch, see, hear and smell life with the knowledge that I have the present moment please Allah and be the best I can. Foziya R. Mother of eight and headteacher
Testimonial: This program provides clarity to life and is relatable to a lot of issues that were Muslim sisters struggle with, issues that might be dismissed by a lot of Muslim Arab and Asian communities as well as in other courses. This knowledge directed at Muslim women is very rare Tasnim A.
Method: In-Person & Online
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Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Mindfulness Practitioner Course. Level 1, 2, 3 & Master. Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness Skills for Individuals. Advanced Certificate in Teaching Mindfulness to Young Learners and Teenagers. Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate. Certified Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate. Certified Meditation Coach and Facilitator. Mindfulness at Work Certificate. Spiritual Life Coach Certificate. Mindfulness and Eating Disorders.
In Service Since (Year): 2019
Regular Locations: England, London