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Shema Hassan- Life Coach

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My name is Shema Hassan, I am a certified life coach and an inspirational writer. I hold a bachelors degree in social work. Throughout my life I have been through trials and tribulations and I have been able to grow from it, that is why I am so passionate about helping women do the same. As a wife and a mother, I understand the importance of trying to balance it all and making sure that no area in your life is too neglected. I have found a formula that has worked for me and I can help you do the same.

​I have a bachelors degree in social work and I am a certified life coach. I have been a Social worker and counsellor for over 10 years and a life coach for two years now. I have goal oriented coaching . I do general coaching , relationship coaching and also help individuals that want to work on their mental health and wellness

I have been through confusion, anxiety and many every day struggles that women face. I have learned how to navigate through these struggles and became a better version of myself. And that is why I am so passionate about helping other women do the same. Contact me and see how I can help you. I am here to listen, offer support and be with you every step of the way.

Service Areas: I provide counselling and life coaching
Suggested Price Package: $80 for a session typically lasting between 45-60 mins
Suggested Price Package: $630 8 week package, in between session support and unlimited text support
Key Areas of Expertise: -Goal setting -Relationships -Negative thinking -Feeling stuck -Relationship issues -Improving self-esteem -Career planning -Anxiety -Fears
Vetting Level: Basic
DBS/CRB & Safeguarding:
DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)/ CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)
Safeguarding Certificate
Professional Insurance
Testimonial: I have never had a life coach ever but tbh ever since dealing with all the obstacles that has hit me this year having a life coach has been crucial for my self growth and self love journey . Ever since working with Fahima it has brought my life the utmost ease and also the motivation to get things done and tackle every goal that I set for my self . Dealing with the negative affects of COVID and how the world changed in an instant having someone in my corner and always there to help me get through it all is very nice and still pushes me to get things done and tbh overall improved my mental heath in aspects I never thought was possible .
Testimonial: Working with Fahima was a wonderful experience! She really helped me in a time I found myself in a dark space , she helped me transition to balance my work- life and healthy living lifestyle. Fahima would assign weekly homework task where she would check in with me to see how my progress is for the week. She listens to what my goals are and helps me develop achievable ways to track them so that I can make them happen. I found myself much more grounded in my values and confident about pursuing my healthy lifestyle goals. You're a great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress you've helped me make in my life. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without your support. Again, thank you for taking the time to work with me, Fahima .I'm very grateful for you. Muna Abdulle
Method: In-Person & Online
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Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Bachelor of Social Work, Certified life coach
In Service Since (Year): Social worker in 2014, Lifecoaching 2020
Regular Locations: Canada and Online