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Rayesa Gheewala - Divorced Muslimah Coach

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I am The Divorced Muslimah Coach. I support God-conscious women in coping and healing through divorce by returning to their true essence (authentic fitra soul) for transformative healing. I help women to reinvent and thrive as the best version of themselves and flow forward in the next chapter of their lives with calm, clarity, confidence, compassion, tawakkul and joy. Through a higher level of consciousness, they are able to break dysfunctional generational patterns and offer something better to their children.

My mission to support divorced women stems from my own painful, high conflict divorce and co parenting experience. It became the impetus of my spiritual/emotional rebirth and transformation. This transformation allowed me to start the next chapter of my life with purpose, confidence, compassion, and calm, to divorce and co-parent in a manner pleasing to Allah while being severely tested.

I am a Certified High-Performance Coach, and a Certified Back to the Fitra Educator/Mentor/Coach. I have extensive training in effective communication, holistic psychology, and spiritual principles. I guide my driven clients to use their divorce as the impetus to healing and transformation by stepping into an elevated state of Taqwa and Tawakkul that benefits them in this life and the next.

  1. Whether divorce has crossed your mind or your struggling in your marriage for a long time and you don't know how much longer you can hold on in your current state
  2. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, have started the process
  3. Whether you've already been divorced and trying to navigate this new chapter

Services I Offer

I help you gain clarity by sorting out and unpacking all the mental fog and confusion from the racing thoughts in your head.

I help you access what you really want in your heart from a place of your own intuitive knowing. I help you see the barriers that are not allowing you to give yourself what you need, what is right for you while also pleasing Allah.
Cut through the mental FOG and heaviness and take charge of what is right for you with clarity, fearless confidence, calm, and compassion to move forward so you're not frozen, stuck, or debilitated for years or worse allow others to decide what's right or best for you while you are left watching your life pass you by.
Whether you choose to heal yourself, recommit and Stay or Separate, and heal yourself, it's about having clarity and confidence in your choice and executing it in a manner Allah has prescribed for us in the Quran, with kindness, fairness, and respect. This is what will give you peace, contentment, and fulfillment.

How I do this is by helping you return back home to your Fitrah state through grounding and spiritual/psychological healing.

Key Area of Focus

  • Coping and healing from the breakdown of the marriage and divorce
  • Separate in a manner pleasing to Allah with kindness, respect, and fairness.
  • Reclaiming your identity, value, and worth through your relationship with God to take charge of the next chapter in your life
  • Co-parenting and Parallel parenting in high conflict separation so your children are not traumatized by how you divorce.
  • Teaching how to instill healthy, firm, compassionate boundaries
  • Unlearning harmful and unhelpful conditioned patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Relearning and developing new healthy conscious patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Becoming the master of yourself, psychology, emotions, and actions.
  • Teach how to step out of survival mode and move toward thriving regardless of your marital status.
Suggested Price Package: 6 Counseling/Clarity Sessions typically 45 minutes each: $1297
Suggested Price Package: Reinvent Yourself After Divorce 12 month Transformational Group Coaching Mastermind: $3,500 or $297/month for 12 months
Suggested Price Package: Enlightened Excellence 6 month private 1:1 coaching Package $5,500 or $997/month for 6 months. In this package you also have access to my group program as well.
Suggested Price Package: Discovery call upon request
Suggested Price Package: One time 60 minute Breakthrough Clarity Session: $150
Key Areas of Expertise: Divorce counselling, grief counselling, coaching and mentoring
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: Client: " I came to you because I was struggling in my marriage and thinking of divorce. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would get out of working with you but you helped me in so many ways that have made me a better person just by adjusting how I think about situations. These changes have helped me in other areas of my life other than in my marriage. I have also worked with my younger son and tried to teach him what you have taught me about how your feelings come from your thought in the moment. You helped me change the way I think about negative situations You helped me stop making up stories in my head about what could happen in the future and to live in the present moment because no one knows the future other than Allah and it has no benefit to assume something is going to happen and react to it when it hasn’t even happened yet. You helped guide me in the direction I needed to go without making me feel like I need to decide on one thing and stick to it Your active listening helped me hear myself and my thoughts and how I had so much negative self talk I like that we have sessions where we discuss next steps and then other sessions where it’s a flood of emotions and I just spill everything that’s going on in my head at the time. Once it’s all out you help me weed through it all and make sense of it and work to make better how I feel or react to the situation. You’re helping me along and very difficult journey not so much as my guide that I follow but as someone to lean on when I need the support but you also have given me strength and showed me that I am strong enough to make this journey in the right direction. Love you"
Testimonial: Client: "Making a decision like divorce is difficult. It consumes you with guilt and doubt. I was overwhelmed and doubted myself. I depended on others to validate me. Rayesa saw that I was taking on other’s bullets of criticism and suspicions. I felt I deserved them. She helped me realize that I was allowing others to control my thoughts and my emotions. I allowed myself to be controlled again. They spoke one word of doubt and I created an entire dialogue inside my head of guilt. Rayesa helped me understand that others may not think the same thoughts that I am thinking. They may not even mean any harm. I allowed myself to be attacked by others and myself. She helped me realize that most of the self doubt was not coming from others it was my own trained subconscious that I had to be told what to do. Even when it came to emotions and thoughts. I was suppressing myself from doing the right thing. She helped me realize that I should only work towards pleasing only my creator and once I realize that I must focus on my own path the obstacle coming my way may not be as difficult. I have learned from Rayesa that allowing others to feel what they feel will help me be more free to think my own thoughts. I have learned that even though I’m still a work in progress keeping focused on loving myself for the sake of my creator can raise my confidence and keep my mind at peace."
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Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Back to the Fitrah Educator, Mentor, Coach
In Service Since (Year): 2016
Regular Locations: Los Angeles, California and online