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Fathima Zohara 'Umm Afraz Muhammed' - Qur'an Life Coach

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I am a South-Asian Indian settled in the United Arab Emirates with my husband and three children. I graduated in Psychology, post-graduated in Islamic Studies, and am a professionally certified coach. Apart from authoring, book reviewing, and teaching at a madrassah, I offer coaching services through my solo-venture, Redefined Muslimah Coaching. As a Qur'an Life Coach, I assist Muslim women to connect with the Qur'an on a deeper, personal level, as intuited by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

Having served as an Islamic Counselor since 2012, I transitioned into the Redefined Muslimah Coach after having gone through powerful and impactful coaching conversations and redefining myself which helped me to become a better mother, wife, individual, and Muslimah. During my journey as a coach, I had completed my Masters Thesis on Self-Coaching from a Qur'anic Perspective, and this experience helped me to serve as a Qur'an Life Coach - coaching sisters to connect their lives with the Qur'an through reflection, and guiding them to listen to the Qur'an speak to them, with the Permission of Allah.

I provide bespoke 1:1 coaching services, and group coaching programs with the Qur'an as the theme.

Suggested Price Package: **Your Vision Clarified** $47 > An *enlightening, illuminating, and inspiring 90-minute group coaching call* that guides and prompts you to *reset your intention, redefine your focus, revisit your vision, and re-align your life with the Qur'an*, by reflecting upon your life and a verse (or two) from the Qur'an, and tying it with each other according to your insights.
Suggested Price Package: **Redefining Packages** 3hrs-$165, 6hrs-$310, 12hrs-$610 > A series of 60-minute coaching calls that are held weekly, fortnightly, or once a month, depending on your need.
Suggested Price Package: **Defining Step** > A 30-minute complimentary call to get a feel of how it is working with me.
Service Areas: Life Coaching, Qur'an Life Coaching, Mentoring
Suggested Price Package: * Redefining Step $95 > A 60-minute coaching call that will give you the clarity, awareness, and/or the motivation to reach your goal, purpose, and vision
Suggested Price Package: **Redefine Yourself with The Qur'an** $189 > A *life-changing, forward-moving 4-week program* that takes you from where you are in life at the moment to where you want to be, through coaching conversations and by reflecting upon selected verses from the Qur'an and applying them in your daily life. Go from *Defining Yourself to Redefining Yourself through Allah's Words* by allowing yourself to experience the inspiration to grow as a Muslimah.
Key Areas of Expertise: > Gaining self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem by evoking self-awareness > Connecting with the Qur'an on a deeper, personal level as intuited by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: Umm [Afraz], she is an amazing coach. She is a very good listener. She doesn't miss out on anything. She takes cues from everything you say and is super observant. She will help you dig deep and introspect into ourselves. Her coaching sessions bring out beautiful, enlightening realisations that help you build clarity about yourself and your situation. May Allah swt increase the barkah in her work. - Zohra Fathima (1:1 sessions)
Testimonial: Going in to this 'Your Vision Clarified ' group coaching call with sis Umm Afraz, I didn't actually know what to expect really, only that I wanted desperately to reconnect with the Qur'an! But the entire discussion, especially owing to the depth of her questions in the workbook as well as her prompts during the session, ultimately helped me to replug the Qur'an into my life in a CLEAR, purposeful way, once again, Alhamdulillah, with a newfound perspective to truly using it - not only as a book that must be recited, a means to gain closeness to Allah, a GUIDE to navigating my life .. rather it is all of that, AS WELL AS a light shining into my soul, lighting my path ahead, lighting my passion to fulfil my goals.. ALL FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH. Also, hearing the answers &reflections coming from the other sisters, gave me various insights and it was amazing how we can all be together on one journey yet experience Allah's guidance through His Book, in unique ways - all befitting our own individual journeys! BaarakAllahu feeki sis Umm Afraz.. may Allah bless and reward you with the best, in dunya and akhira.. aameen. - Zahra VK (on Your Vision Clarified)
Method: In-Person & Online
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Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Master of Arts in Islamic Studies through International Open University; Accredited Coach Training Program through an institute accredited by International Coaching Federation
In Service Since (Year): 2018
Regular Locations: Abu Dhabi and Online