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Soumaya Ettouji - NLP Coach, Hypnotherapy

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I am a certified NLP, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy coach. I'm passionate about helping women who are struggling to love themselves and feel confident in their skin.

I have faced many challenges in my life: a divorce, homelessness, being separated from my daughter, losing faith and all those have led me to understand how to overcome any hardship that came my way by developing a resilient and positive mindset, which is what I support my clients with now.

I offer 60 minutes breakthrough sessions for those who want to work on a particular block they're experiencing. These sessions can be a major game changer in someone's life.
All my client have experienced powerful shifts that has led them to take action of change the way they see themselves and the world after the breakthrough sessions.

I have 2 years of experience coaching more than a hundred women, in 1:1 or group settings, to:

  • Let go of their limiting beliefs
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Learn how to do inner child work
  • Work on their attachment style
  • Let go of their fear
  • Better their connection with Allah
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, negative thoughts
  • Create a life vision and goals that excite them
  • Organise their time better
  • Trust their intuition and reduce self-doubt
  • Create spiritual routines that fulfil them using meditation, EFT tapping, the law of attraction, dhikr, dua, and more!
Suggested Price Package: 1:1 sessions of typically 60 minutes at 200$ delivered online via Zoom
Suggested Price Package: 1:1 session: typically 3 hours in total for $500 delivered online via Zoom
Suggested Price Package: 10 minutes free consultation offered on request
Key Areas of Expertise: Self-love coaching
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: Client: “I felt instant trust with Soumaya, to be vulnerable is not easy but she made it comfortable by starting the consultation call with her values and how she could help me move forward. Her words were so kind and forgiving yet direct and honest I was feeling Lost and frustrated but at the end of the call she helped break it down with me and left me with sustainable ways I can improve on myself and my situation which are slowly becoming habits of mine because the tips worked I am extremely grateful for her help. I’d highly recommend her coaching!”
Testimonial: Client: “Soumaya helped me to shift the focus back to me to hold myself accountable and to be more solution orientated. I can better manage and cope with daily life stress and I’m setting goals for myself. What you’ve learned about yourself? I can do anything I can overcome personal obstacles it takes a level of self commitment and awareness that life coaching has shown me and now I’m ready to thrive!”
Method: Online
Classes, Training & Services:
Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others
Education - GCSE, SATS, IB, Homeschooling, etc
Arabic Language
Celebratory Services
Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Friday Khutba
Islamic Studies & Halaqas
Islamic Art, Design & Architecture
Media Engagement & Public Speaking
Mosque Consultancy
Research & Translation
Sustainable Living
Seerah & Storytelling
Videography & Photography
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy certifications
In Service Since (Year): 2020
Regular Locations: Coventry, UK and Online