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Khadija Afandi

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Khadija Afandi

I am from a Russian (Dagestani Avar) background born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. I began my Islamic studies under the tutelage of the local scholars in various Islamic sciences in 2011 before eventually going to the blessed lands of Yemen where I spent five years under the tutelage of Sayyid Habib Umar bin Hafiz gaining my permission to teach.

When I returned to the UK at the end of 2017, I began teaching at Madrasa Zia ul Quran in Glasgow's Southside eventually becoming their project manager for their education programme in 2018. I am currently teaching at the madrasa along with my other outreach projects. I have also resumed my Islamic Studies, specialising in Maliki fiqh, Aqeedah and Warsh recitation under the guidance of the Mauritanian scholars.

I currently have approximately 100 students ranging from between the ages 8-18. These students are studying fiqh, aqeedah, seerah, Quran, hadith, tafseer, adab and spirituality. I also host woman only halaqas focusing on Shafii fiqh, Hanafi fiqh and books of spirituality. I also sit on the Healers Islamic Counciling and Guidance clinic.

Service Areas: Islamic study circles - New Muslim services
Suggested Price Package: General Counseling: I provide general counseling and sharia’ guidance. This includes but is not limited to grief counseling, new muslim journey and assistance, and advise on religious matters. Each session will be 45 minutes to an hour long. 5 session USD200
Suggested Price Package: Tassawuf (Islamic Sprituality): I teach classes in Islamic Spirituality from the books of Imam Abdullah bin Alawi al-Haddad. These include Book of Assistance, Beneficial Counsels, Gifts for the Seeker. I also teach Bidayatul Hidaya (The Beginning of Guidance) of Imam al-Ghazali. I include Q/A and opportunities for students to share their own life experiences and stories. Sessions will be 1 hour long. For both Groups (Max 10 people) or one on one. 10 sessions USD500
Suggested Price Package: Shafi’ Fiqh: I teach beginners Shafi’ Fiqh by going through the books Dhakiratul Musharafa, Safinatul Najah, and Risalatul Jamia’. I include Q/A before and after lessons with classes being open and friendly. Each session is 1 hour long. 10 Sessions USD450. An extra session will be provided at no cost *if required.
Suggested Price Package: Hanafi Fiqh: I teach beginners Hanafi Fiqh by going through the books Nur al-Idah and It’s commentary Maraki al-Falah. I include Q/A before and after lessons with classes being open and friendly. Each session is 1 hour long. 15 sessions USD500. An extra session will provided at no cost *if required.
Key Areas of Expertise: Seerah, Shamail, Arabic, Quran, Hadith, Shafi' Fiqh, Hanafi Fiqh
Vetting Level: Basic
DBS/CRB & Safeguarding:
DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service)/ CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)
Safeguarding Certificate
Professional Insurance
Method: In-Person & Online
Birth & Death:
Birth: Circumcision
Birth: Doula & Mother's Help
Gravestone Engraving
Support: Grief Counselling
Visiting the Sick
Wills & Inheritance
Counselling & Support:
Advice on Shariah Matters
Dream Interpretation
Certified Counselling
Counselling: General & Pastoral
Interfaith Engagement
New Muslims & Shahadah
Support: Addiction & Mental Health
Visiting Mosques
Visiting Prisons
Classes, Training & Services:
Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others
Education - GCSE, SATS, IB, Homeschooling, etc
Arabic Language
Celebratory Services
Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Friday Khutba
Islamic Studies & Halaqas
Islamic Art, Design & Architecture
Media Engagement & Public Speaking
Mosque Consultancy
Research & Translation
Sustainable Living
Seerah & Storytelling
Videography & Photography
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Bachelors in International Business and Linguistics, Certificate from ISyllabus Program, Certificate to teach from Dar al-Zahra (Tarim)
In Service Since (Year): 2017
Regular Locations: Glasgow, Scotland