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Carin Timskog - Fitness Specialist

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As-salāmu ʿalaykum, I'm here to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle!

I'm here to help muslim mums lose 12 lbs in 12 weeks and get fit and energized without restrictive dieting.

I am a revert to Islam and an entrepreneur from Gothenburg, Sweden. On a mission to empower Muslim women to get fit and energized, I offer in person and online programs so Muslimahs all around the world can be inspired by the Swedish, active and healthy lifestyle.

My approach to health is a non-diet approach, understanding the importance of a holistic point of view to life. Healthy habits (both physically and mentally), physical activity, fresh air, healthy food choices are foundational for energy, strength and happiness.

Services I Offer

I offer Fit Mum Blueprint; An online coaching program (6 weeks, 3 months , 6 months, and 12 months) for Muslims mums and sisters. It's a program for Muslim mums who want to lose 12 lbs in 12 weeks and get fit and energized without restrictive dieting.

For ImamConnect, I'd also be delighted to offer 30-min Health Coaching consultation sessions. Or even better also, free calls to enroll clients into the programs above.

Suggested Price Package: Fit Mum Blueprint; available for: 6 weeks at $450, 3 months at $750 and 6 months at $1,350
Suggested Price Package: 15 minute free consultation upon request.
Suggested Price Package: Health & Fitness Coaching: $150 typically 60 minutes online via Zoom
Key Areas of Expertise: Fitness, nutrition and mindset for Muslim mums and sisters.
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: You mothers are probably recognizing that you prioritize everything else but yourself, even though you actually have to prioritize yourself to cope. When I turned 30, I decided to make a change and I chose to hire Carin. My goal was to become stronger, feel better and not feel like a 60-year old in a young body … With a postpartum body of 6 months, the highest focus for me was to strengthen my inner abdominal muscles and from there strengthen my body. Losing weight or reducing the waist measurement was not what attracted me. Carin immediately understood what I wanted and set up a good program for me, with a good foundation but at the same time challenging. Carin is a fantastic coach who makes you reflect, remember your goals and supports one to keep the same course. I aimed to train 4 times a week but after 3 months but I never got there. I managed on average 2 times a week. Personally I could sometimes feel bad because of it, but Carin helped one to see the positive side, “two times is more than zero! “and that’s really true. Thanks to Carin, I have started to feel stronger and she has helped me mentally how to think when it comes to training. A little bit of exercise/movement is better than nothing. Now that I am continuing on my own, I will try to remember Carin in the back of my mind when my motivation fails. I am grateful to Carin for helping me get out of the shell and realize my own worth. If you do not take care of yourself, you can not take care of others ” – Fanny in Sweden
Testimonial: "I have tried coaching with Carin, and it was really a wonderful experience. With detailed coaching and beginning with the end in mind, I could begin a journey of losing weight and do what I thought is impossible. I felt down and that it is going to be impossible, but thanks to Carin's patience and coaching sessions. It was DOABLE. If you want to lose weight but you feel lost, try coaching with Carin and you will NEVER regret." - Sara in Sweden
Method: In-Person & Online
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Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Certified Online Trainer Level 2
In Service Since (Year): 1998
Regular Locations: tangier and online