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Umber Zaidi - Mental Health Counseling & Therapy

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Umber Zaidi

One thing I would like people to know about me is that I am extremely passionate about what I do and the field I am in. Helping people has always been a dream of mine and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I am doing.

I have been a part of the mental health field for over 10 years and I don't see myself slowing down any time soon. I made a pact with myself that if I was in a room of 10 or 1000 people and I manage to teach even one person something new about mental health or change their opinion about seeking help then I have succeeded in my endeavor.

I am a Psychotherapist as well as a Group Therapist however, my services extend beyond that. I am also a Mental Health lecturer, certified in Suicide aAertness and Mental Health First Aid. In addition, I teach and train future therapists through a UK certified course.

I work with people form all backgrounds and of all ages but my specialties lie in dealing with people who are struggling with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, mood disorders, self- harm. I also work with teenagers and adolescents and it has become somewhat of my specialty.

Suggested Price Package: 1 to 1 counselling session in person in Islamabad: $30 per 45-60 minute session
Suggested Price Package: 10 minute free consultation upon request.
Suggested Price Package: 1 counselling session : $60 typically 45-60 minutes - online via zoom
Service Areas: Pre-Marital Advice, Support: Domestic Abuse; Counselling: General & Pastoral, Support: Addiction & Mental Health, Dream Interpretation
Suggested Price Package: 4 counselling sessions: $240 typically each session would be 45-60 minutes - online via zoom (5th session at no charge if necessary)
Key Areas of Expertise: Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Issues, Mood Disorders, Self- harm
Vetting Level: Basic
Method: In-Person & Online
Marriage & Family Services:
Divorce Counselling
Family Mediation
Family: Child Minding
Marriage: Independent Wakeel
Post Marriage Counselling
Pre-Marital Advice
Support: Domestic Abuse
Counselling & Support:
Advice on Shariah Matters
Dream Interpretation
Certified Counselling
Counselling: General & Pastoral
Interfaith Engagement
New Muslims & Shahadah
Support: Addiction & Mental Health
Visiting Mosques
Visiting Prisons
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: I have a bachelors degree in counselling and psychology from San Francisco State University. I am a certified mental health first aid and suicide alertness, I am a Uk certified trainer and group therapist. I am a Uk certified Psychotherapist. Currently working on my masters degree
In Service Since (Year): 2016
Regular Locations: Islamabad and online via zoom