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Nabila Hoda - Parent & Child Coach

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Nabila Hoda

Nabila is a Parent and Child coach and her mission is to empower parents and children to lead happier, more enriched lives through personalized coaching.

Nabila has taught in International schools in Singapore as well as at the ADAMS Center in USA as an Islamic studies teacher for 5 years. During her time at the ADAMS Center, she mentored Muslim teenage girls. She has over 10 years of experience as a Parent Coach and has also worked as a Child Coach for over 5 years. Nabila is also an experienced teacher trainer and has trained Pre-School and Elementary school teachers for over 4 years.

She offers Parent Coaching for expectant parents and parents of children ages 0-14.

Some issues that parent coaching can help with:

-Behavior problems: Help you find effective ways to address issues such as aggression, sibling rivalry, and defiance.
-Stress-related parenting issues: Find ways to take care of yourself and manage your stress and anxieties.
-Best parenting practices: Assist you in following through with research-based best practices.
-Developmental activities: Strategies that support your child’s physical, emotional, and social development.
-Parenting during transition or crisis
-Parenting questions: Answer a variety of questions regarding best parenting practices.
-Practical problems: Help you create a plan to address childcare issues or educational problems.

Child Coaching (Life Coaching for Children ages 7-14) to help with:

-Lack of motivation
-Self-esteem/confidence issues
-Behavioral issues
-Academic problems

Suggested Price Package: Parent Coaching: 12-week coaching program package for $700 (Includes 12, 1-hour coaching sessions and ad hoc guidance for a year).
Suggested Price Package: Teacher Training: Please contact to get pricing for teacher training classes and workshops.
Suggested Price Package: Child Coaching: $50 per 45-60 min session.
Suggested Price Package: Parent Coaching: $75 per 45-60 minute session.
Service Areas: Counselling: General & Pastoral, Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Suggested Price Package: Child Coaching: 6-week coaching program package for $350 (Includes 6, 45-60 minute coaching sessions and ad hoc guidance for a year).
Key Areas of Expertise: Parents and Child Coaching
Vetting Level: Basic
Method: In-Person & Online
Counselling & Support:
Advice on Shariah Matters
Dream Interpretation
Certified Counselling
Counselling: General & Pastoral
Interfaith Engagement
New Muslims & Shahadah
Support: Addiction & Mental Health
Visiting Mosques
Visiting Prisons
Classes, Training & Services:
Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others
Education - GCSE, SATS, IB, Homeschooling, etc
Arabic Language
Celebratory Services
Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Friday Khutba
Islamic Studies & Halaqas
Islamic Art, Design & Architecture
Media Engagement & Public Speaking
Mosque Consultancy
Research & Translation
Sustainable Living
Seerah & Storytelling
Videography & Photography
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning, Positive Parenting Solutions Methods, Certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Child Psychology and Mental Well-Being in Children
In Service Since (Year): 2008
Regular Locations: Washington DC Metro Area