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Imam/Mufti Anas Shaikh

Message BEFORE booking in order to discuss details and confirm availability.
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Mufti/Imam Anas Shaikh

Assalamu Alaikum. Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a Mufti & Aalim and a trained scholar in Islam. I offer Islamic counseling and guidance, and classes/lectures on different texts and subjects. I am available to teach/speak to your group both in-person and online. Please see my profile and contact me if you would like to learn more or avail a service.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, I am currently serving at the Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier as the Imam and Director of Religious Affairs. I am a regular speaker on community development, Islam, and interfaith dialogue. I am also the Muslim Chaplain at Binghamton University where I mentor and guide Muslim students through the different challenges of life.

I have studied the different sciences in Islam such as Arabic, Aqidah (Islamic Beliefs), Tafseer (Qur’anic Studies), Fiqh (Islamic Law), Hadith, Usool (Principles and Maxims of Islam), and Shariah, culminating in a Shahadatul Aalimiyyah, or Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology. I then went to Pakistan to obtain a Takhassus Fil Fiqh or Masters Degree in Islamic Law & Finance from the great jurist and scholar, Shaykh Mohammad Taqi Uthmani.

I have also spoken at various masjids, MSAs, Islamic conferences, and interfaith gatherings throughout the country, and volunteer in many projects such as YM and MIST.

Lastly, I have also been a mentor and teacher to numerous Imams across the United States. I am the founder and current president of the Imams Association of America, an organization that aims to empower Imams across the US. My other initiative is, which is a free open source compilation effort to collect khutbahs for those who are not able to prepare their weekly sermons effectively. I also offer consultancy to masjids on how to manage their workloads, programming, and much more.

Please contact me first to discuss more details.

Thank you and Assalamu Alaikum!

Suggested Price Package: Halaqahs: I will do a one hour Halaqah for your organization on a topic of your choice, for a price of $300. I have spoken to MSAs, Masjid programs, at Interfaith programs, etc. The program will be virtual and will consist of a 50 minute talk and a 10 minute Q&A session at the end.
Suggested Price Package: Consultancy: I am available for consultancy for your masjid or business, with prices starting at $300.I have a degree in Islamic Finance, and have been a director of a masjid for 8+ years. I can offer help with CRMs, recurring donations, email and text marketing, building microphone systems, setting up live streaming, websites, social media marketing, and much more.
Suggested Price Package: Counseling: I am available to meet virtually one on one via Zoom to help you with any issues. If you need help with an Islamic issues, or a Fatwa, or need guidance regarding marriage counseling (or premarital counseling), divorce/khula help, funeral help, dealing with family issues, addictions, depression, etc. Prices start at $100 for a session. Please contact me for more details.
Suggested Price Package: Performing Nikahs: I can perform a virtual nikah for you. I will get witnesses on my end who will witness the nikah so that it will be valid according to all schools of thoughts. I would request that all parties meet with me virtually one time before so I can explain the process and understand the situation and make arrangements accordingly. I will perform the nikah for $500
Service Areas: Advice on Shariah Matters, Counselling: General & Pastoral, Interfaith Engagement, New Muslims & Shahadah, Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others, Arabic Language, Celebratory Services, Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring, Friday Khutba, Islamic Studies & Halaqas, New Muslims & Shahadah, Aqiqah Funerals, Support: Grief Counselling, Visiting the Sick, Wills & Inheritance, Support: Grief Counselling, Visiting the Sick, Wills & Inheritance, Marriage: Independent Wakeel, Divorce Counselling, Family Mediation, Family: Child Minding, Nikah, Post Marriage Counselling, Pre-Marital Advice, Support: Domestic Abuse
Suggested Price Package: Classes: I will offer a 10 hours class to you or your group, for a total of $300. These classes will be held roughly 2x a week for 5 weeks, and will cover any topic you like. In the past I have done Tafseer of Surah Yusuf, Tafseer of Surah Kahf, Tafseer of Juz Amma, Basic Fiqh, Advanced Fiqh (certain subjects), 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi, Aqeedah Tahawi, Basic Etiquettes, etc. I can teach any Islamic subject you would like me to.
Key Areas of Expertise: Teaching, Lecturing, Counseling, & Consultancy
Vetting Level: Basic
Method: In-Person & Online
Marriage & Family Services:
Divorce Counselling
Family Mediation
Family: Child Minding
Marriage: Independent Wakeel
Post Marriage Counselling
Pre-Marital Advice
Support: Domestic Abuse
Birth & Death:
Birth: Circumcision
Birth: Doula & Mother's Help
Gravestone Engraving
Support: Grief Counselling
Visiting the Sick
Wills & Inheritance
Counselling & Support:
Advice on Shariah Matters
Dream Interpretation
Certified Counselling
Counselling: General & Pastoral
Interfaith Engagement
New Muslims & Shahadah
Support: Addiction & Mental Health
Visiting Mosques
Visiting Prisons
Classes, Training & Services:
Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others
Education - GCSE, SATS, IB, Homeschooling, etc
Arabic Language
Celebratory Services
Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Friday Khutba
Islamic Studies & Halaqas
Islamic Art, Design & Architecture
Media Engagement & Public Speaking
Mosque Consultancy
Research & Translation
Sustainable Living
Seerah & Storytelling
Videography & Photography
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: Qualifications: Hafidh of Qur'an, Mufti & Aalim, Mental Health Response Trainee, Member of Association of Muslim Chaplains | Studies: Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Aalamiyyah Degree from Darul Uloom Al-Madania, Masters in Hanafi Fiqh from Darul-Uloom Karachi
In Service Since (Year): 2011
Regular Locations: Binghamton, New York

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