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Dr. Waleed Hakeem - "The Travelling Imam"

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Dr. Waleed Hakeem

from Canada, known as "The Traveling Imam", has journeyed to more than 100+ countries in all 6 continents around the globe spreading the peaceful message of Islam & Personal Development Training, from the villages of China, to the arctic North of America, to the mountains of Europe, to the jungles of South America, he can draw the world map from memory!

He is the founder and director of Ilm Path Online Islamic Academy, a professor at Almaghrib institute, and a member of the Canadian Council of Imams. He is also the founder of "The Muslim Happiness Blueprint", a 9-step program dedicated to helping Muslims with mental health issues.

Dr. Waleed Hakeem is a regular guest speaker at many international conferences and satellite TV stations, most notably sharing a platform with the prime minister of Malaysia and the Mufti of Malaysia at the Islamic Leadership Conference.

His message focuses on spreading authentic Islamic education combined with practical life skills and personal development training in order for Muslims to excel in both worlds.

• Satellite TV Appearances: Featured on local & international satellite tv channels in Europe, North America, the Middle East, & Asia such as Iqra TV, Al-Huda, Peace TV, Bridges, CanTV, & others.
• Government Consultant: Invited by the government of Malaysia to speak along Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed in the International Muslim Leadership Conference as a Leadership consultant, the Government of Dubai to conduct Time Management Training from a Muslim Perspective


“There aren't enough words to describe Shaykh Waleed... He seriously needs to write a book on his travels and it will be a NY Times bestseller in no time! The Fiqh of Janazah class is by far one of the best classes I have ever taken... not only does it refresh your spirituality because you're reminded about the very thing we're quickest to forget, but it also teaches one of the most important sciences! This should be a must for every Muslim to attend” - Baker Asaf, Atlanta, GA, USA

“It's the best class I've ever been to. The best thing about it was the way in which it focussed on Islam in a contemporary fashion whilst remaining very engaging, and dare I say it, entertaining. Inshallah I will make every effort to attend next year and every year after that.” - Ismail Kola, United Kingdom

“It was truly the most anticipated event of the year! It was a historic moment in my life. Each session provided priceless ilm with reminders and reflections to spread the light of Islam. So much knowledge packed into a one day event was absolutely amazing. My heart was mesmerised by the words of Allah. I walked away with endless lessons which I pray will Insha'Allah help me to change my life to help spread Islam and live it to the fullest.” Yusuf Issat, United Kingdom

Service Areas: Advice on Shariah Matters, Counselling: General & Pastoral, New Muslims & Shahadah, Support: Addiction & Mental Health, Visiting Mosques, Dream Interpretation, Interfaith Engagement, Islamic Studies & Halaqas, Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed, Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring, Friday Khutba, Arabic Language, Celebratory Services, Seerah & Storytelling, Research & Translation, Mosque Consultancy, Videography & Photography, Islamic Art, Design & Architecture, Match-Making, Nikah, Post Marriage Counselling, Pre-Marital Advice, Marriage: Independent Wakeel, Family Mediation, Divorce Counselling, Support: Domestic Abuse, Funerals, Support: Grief Counselling, Wills & Inheritance
Suggested Price Package: Online/Offline Lectures (depends on complexity of topic)
Suggested Price Package: Family & Marriage Counselling. Generally three sessions. Initial assessment for 45-60 minutes. Follow up session for suggested solutions, and follow up of implementation of consultation. To be conducted within two weeks. $60 per session.
Suggested Price Package: Wills & Inheritance. Consultation session on the Islamic aspect. Two sessions total. The first to take family information, and the second to explain details to relevant parties. $180.
Suggested Price Package: Online Nikah. $180.
Suggested Price Package: Life Coaching $120 per hour
Key Areas of Expertise: Counselling, Lectures, Research, Life Coaching, Religious Advice, Travel Planning, Islamic History
Vetting Level: Basic
Testimonial: “I loved this course so much, even though I just attended one weekend. It was so practical Alhamdulillah. Sheikh Waleed is a brilliant teacher and his stories are very very different. Even though we may not get as many as we first anticipated they are well worth the listen, and the pictures he showed us...masha'Allah. Sheikh Waleed makes the seminar interesting and breezy Alhamdulillah. A must attend for every Muslim insha'Allah. 11 out of 10 :-)” Farah Rahman, United Kingdom
Testimonial: “I loved this course!!! Sheikh Waleed is such a humble Sheikh MashaAllah, who narrates some amazing storeys, which leave you inspired! I think this course is one every muslim should take and learn about, as its not only very practical but also a great reminder and heart softner and we all need it!!” Madiyah Rana, United Kingdom
Method: In-Person & Online
Marriage & Family Services:
Divorce Counselling
Family Mediation
Family: Child Minding
Marriage: Independent Wakeel
Post Marriage Counselling
Pre-Marital Advice
Support: Domestic Abuse
Birth & Death:
Birth: Circumcision
Birth: Doula & Mother's Help
Gravestone Engraving
Support: Grief Counselling
Visiting the Sick
Wills & Inheritance
Counselling & Support:
Advice on Shariah Matters
Dream Interpretation
Certified Counselling
Counselling: General & Pastoral
Interfaith Engagement
New Muslims & Shahadah
Support: Addiction & Mental Health
Visiting Mosques
Visiting Prisons
Classes, Training & Services:
Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others
Education - GCSE, SATS, IB, Homeschooling, etc
Arabic Language
Celebratory Services
Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring
Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition
Friday Khutba
Islamic Studies & Halaqas
Islamic Art, Design & Architecture
Media Engagement & Public Speaking
Mosque Consultancy
Research & Translation
Sustainable Living
Seerah & Storytelling
Videography & Photography
Booking for an audience of:
Youth Boys
Youth Girls
Special Needs
Qualification, Studies and Certificates: B.A in Islamic Studies and Applied Research - Masters in Fiqh of Hadeeth - Masters in Training & Development - Ph.D. in Islamic History - Degree in Psychology - Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner
In Service Since (Year): 2004
Regular Locations: Toronto / Worldwide

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